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16th September 2017

Blacktown leisure centre

Doors open  8:30am   first matches start 9:00am



Early bird – AUD75 + AUD20 for extra division – until 28th August

AUD85 + AUD25 for extra division – until 12th September


Spectator entrance fee :

AUD15 spectator  

AUD10 for under 18 years olds family members


Relevant Dates:

Registration Deadline – 12th September , 2017

Registration Correction – 13th September  2017

Schedule and Brackets – 15th  September 2017



Open weight winners – sponsor giveaways

Weight Division medalists – sponsor giveaways

Specialist open winners – air tickets and spot on F2W pro in the USA


Relevant Information:

Age will be considered accordingly to Year of Birth

In case the athlete is alone in the division, he/she will be moved up on weight division, down (masters) or up (kids) on age division

The registration fee is non-refundable

Athletes must be ready 30 minutes prior to the division schedule

Athletes must be aware of the rules to avoid disqualifications



All minors competing or attending this event must be accompanied by a family member or coach from their club with a relevant wwcc cover